Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC

Embody an Abundant Mindset Now

Welcome to the Being Abundant:
a guidebook for your journey

Let’s face it – the bottom line for most of the changes you want to make are in relation to wanting to feel more abundant in your life. You want to feel happy, fulfilled, joyful, content, satisfied. And the sooner you look at what is getting in your way to create more of what you want, the better.

You are sabotaging your own abundance when...

  • you focus on what is missing, rather than what you are wanting
  • you doubt that you can make a good living while doing what you love
  • you allow your fear of “what other people will think” to dictate your actions
  • you don’t think you deserve to be abundant – you think prosperity is for other people, not for you.
  • you are hesitant to take action for fear of not knowing what will happen
  • you don’t trust yourself to make the right decision so you do nothing 
  • you think you have to choose between being rich and being do not understand that you can be both
  • you worry that when things start going well, something bad will happen
  • you have self doubt about your skill level

You may find that these things happen...

  • You come up with an intention or plan that sounds good but you don't follow through. You keep talking around the same issue without making real progress.
  • You come up with pro and con lists for the decisions you want to make, and yet you feel insecure about moving forward and are still unsure of what is the right choice for you.
  • You have limiting beliefs that you just can’t get past. You’ve tried everything you know, and yet a shift has not occurred.
  • You experience stress-related body signals and symptoms, and you don’t know how to understand what’s happening. Your fear takes over and initiatives are undermined.

What is missing is an abundant mindset.

What’s missing is not just the right mindset but an embodied abundant mindset. You can have a good idea, but until that idea is integrated, felt and owned in the body, it is only an idea. With an embodied abundant mindset you will have a greater self awareness that will assist you to be more abundant in all areas of your life such as relationships, career, finances, health and well-being.  

As you begin noticing your thoughts – your mindset – you will begin to recognize the thoughts that empower you and the thoughts that don’t. Your thoughts influence how you will behave; and your behavior will then dramatically influence your results. Your body is the resource you need for change to dramatically happen. Your body responds to everything you think and feel and has a direct effect on your embodied abundant mindset.
Abundance is a feeling of overflowing fullness: a state of being. Abundance is an internal process more than an external process. We are whole people – body, mind and spirit.

You need to get to the bottom of...

  • what gets in your way – your sabotaging habits
  • what is holding you back – your unconscious, negative thinking patterns
  • your rationalizations and excuses
  • the limiting beliefs that need to be busted
  • the fears that keep you stuck

So that you can...

  • be the author of your abundance journey
  • have an embodied abundant mindset
  • do the “turn arounds” necessary for an embodied abundant mindset
  • be aware of the Laws of the Universe that influence abundance
  • come to clarity
  • make congruent decisions


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